White Kampot Pepper

White Kampot pepper is made from the mature red peppercorn. The red corns are washed and soaked in clean water to loosen the outer skin which is then removed, leaving behind the seed of the peppercorn which is naturally white in color. White Kampot pepper brings an intense spicy flavor without the fruity flavors fromContinue reading “White Kampot Pepper”

Red Kampot Pepper

Harvested when the pepper berries are fully mature, red Kampot pepper delivers a complex and flavorful taste that combines gentle sweetness with spicy undertones of black pepper. Its unique taste, less spicy than black pepper, offers sweet notes of red fruit, prunes, dates and honey. Freshly ground red Kampot pepper perfumes your salads and desserts.Continue reading “Red Kampot Pepper”

Black Kampot Pepper

The best pepper in the world. Green, unripe, peppercorns are harvested and sun-dried, transforming them into black Kampot peppercorns. Black Kampot pepper delivers intense heat balanced herbal aromas. Its potent heat and sweet flavors reveal resinous, eucalyptus and fresh mint notes. Freshly ground, black Kampot pepper is perfectly suited for grilled meats, fish, salads andContinue reading “Black Kampot Pepper”

Kampot Pepper from Cambodia

Kampot Pepper is the premium pepper cultivated for centuries in Cambodia’s Kampot province. It became known as one of the best peppers in the world, after gaining recognition in Europe during French colonization in the 1800s. More recently, it became the first Cambodian product to gain Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) from the European Union. GrownContinue reading “Kampot Pepper from Cambodia”

The Story Behind an Authentic Dish

Hot Basil Stir-fry (Cha Kdaow) is the dish that we think of when fresh hot basil is available. The juicy and crispy edges of lemongrass chicken are sauteed with jalapeno, red bell pepper, and sweet onion; then tossed with fresh hot basil and roasted peanuts. You must try it if you really want to tasteContinue reading “The Story Behind an Authentic Dish”

San Jose Cambodian to-go restaurant opens from condiment chef Channy Laux

By Jessica Yadegaran | Bay Area News Group | PUBLISHED: January 7, 2021 Channy Laux, the chef and founder of Angkor Cambodian Foods, a line of award-winning cooking sauces and condiments, has opened her first restaurant in San Jose. Fans of Laux’s prahok, lemongrass paste and other flavorful condiments can now experience them in herContinue reading “San Jose Cambodian to-go restaurant opens from condiment chef Channy Laux”

Cambodian Fish Custard – Amok

A must try so you can say that you know Cambodian cuisine; fresh fish fillets sliced and marinated in Kroeung, sweet chili powder and coconut cream. Memory Lane Every time I make Amok, I am taken back to happy childhood days. I can vividly see the smiling faces of ladies, laughing, telling jokes, and teasingContinue reading “Cambodian Fish Custard – Amok”

Braised Pork Belly (Kaw Sach Chrouk)

An authentic and unforgettable, sweet and savory dish. Pork belly braised in a dark thin flavorful broth intensified with caramelized Thnot sugar, star anise, garlic and Kampot pepper alongside hard boiled eggs, roasted tofu and tender bamboo shoots. This is the dish that Khmer moms reward their children for a job well done.

Thnot Palm Sugar

Thnot is the Cambodian word for Borassus Flabellifer, also known as Toddy Palm. Thnot sugar is made from the nectar of Thnot flowers. It has a delicate aroma and distinctive sweet flavor with caramel undertones. Thnot grows wild in Cambodia, dotting rice fields and towering proudly next to Angkor Wat, the world-renowned Khmer ancient temple. Continue reading “Thnot Palm Sugar”