About Angkor Chef

Chef Channy Laux

We opened this takeout/delivery restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic to demonstrate Cambodian’s favorite dishes made with rare ingredients and our chef’s award winning cooking paste Kroeung (lemongrass paste). Prior to the pandemic we were doing all kinds of demonstrations to promote Cambodian cuisine.  We had popups, cooking classes, private dinner parties, talk shows, and even fundraising events.  Most of which were halted due to the pandemic.  On top of it all, our foodservice orders were cancelled. 

Having gone through starvation for four years while surviving the Khmer Rouge, it was very difficult for Chef Channy to see her sauces and pastes go to waste.  With excitement she decided to double down on her losses by opening up Angkor Chef restaurant and preparing dishes that all Cambodians grew up with and crave.  Chef Channy’s main goal now is to provide the San Jose community with authentic Cambodian meals.  “I’ve always wanted to open a Cambodian restaurant and share all the delicious food that my mother used to cook for us. Finally the pandemic thrust me over the edge.” – Chef Channy

More About Channy

Our chef and founder, Channy Laux was born in Cambodia and survived the Cambodian genocide before coming to the US as a teenage refugee in 1979. Not knowing a word of English, she worked tirelessly to achieve her American dream.  After earning MS and BS degrees in mathematics and computer science, Channy spent 30 years working as an engineer in the aerospace and biotech industries. 

Longing to carry forward her mother’s legacy, Channy walked away from the security of the corporate world to dedicate herself to follow in her mother’s footsteps of spreading love and sharing food that brings joy to everyone.  With this commitment, Chef Channy started Angkor Cambodian Food, which manufactures Cambodian cooking sauces and pastes in the USA as well as provide rare Cambodian herbs grown in California by refugee farmers and import rare spices from Cambodia including Kampot Pepper and Thnot Sugar

When not cooking Chef Channy is most likely gardening, or strolling in the local farmer market hunting for seasonal and fresh Southeast Asian produce and herbs into Angkor Chef special dishes. 

You will also find Channy giving motivational speeches and cooking for fundraiser events.  She is a strong believer in giving back to the community.

Chef Channy is an award winning author of “Short Hair Detention”, her memoir of surviving the Cambodian Genocide.