The Story Behind an Authentic Dish

Hot Basil Stir-fry (Cha Kdaow) is the dish that we think of when fresh hot basil is available. The juicy and crispy edges of lemongrass chicken are sauteed with jalapeno, red bell pepper, and sweet onion; then tossed with fresh hot basil and roasted peanuts. You must try it if you really want to tasteContinue reading “The Story Behind an Authentic Dish”

Cambodian Fish Custard – Amok

A must try so you can say that you know Cambodian cuisine; fresh fish fillets sliced and marinated in Kroeung, sweet chili powder and coconut cream. Memory Lane Every time I make Amok, I am taken back to happy childhood days. I can vividly see the smiling faces of ladies, laughing, telling jokes, and teasingContinue reading “Cambodian Fish Custard – Amok”

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken

The go-to dish for those who love lemongrass. This flavorful chicken is wonderful with fresh chilled pickled veggies and steamed rice. Simple and delicious, perfect for summer time outdoor grilling or warming up your kitchen with winter time broiling.