Kampot Pepper from Cambodia

Organic Kampot white red and black pepper corns

Kampot Pepper is the premium pepper cultivated for centuries in Cambodia’s Kampot province. It became known as one of the best peppers in the world, after gaining recognition in Europe during French colonization in the 1800s. More recently, it became the first Cambodian product to gain Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) from the European Union.

Organic Kampot white red and black pepper corns
Organic black, red and white Kampot pepper corns

Grown only in Cambodia’s Kampot region, our farmers nurture, harvest and package Kampot pepper by hand. Staying true to the region’s environmentally sensitive practices, our pepper masters raise an especially aromatic and full-bodied yield through traditional farming practices that naturally result in a genuine organic product.

From the end of February through the three-month harvest period our farmers handpick the peppercorns, one by one. They are cleaned and dried naturally in the tropical sun, strengthening their remarkable taste and aroma. The corns are then selected for density and diameter greater than 4 millimeters. 

Green Kampot Pepper on the vine

Naturally organic, our Kampot pepper is grown with a chemical free approach that relies wholly on the nutrient rich soils of the Kampot region, its annual rains, the natural sunshine and the hard work of its farmers to give our Kampot pepper its distinctive flavor and lingering undertones.

Our Kampot pepper’s subtle aromas and long-lasting flavors seduce great chefs and the amateurs alike.

We take great pride in being able to support and foster not only the farmers who produce our pepper, but also their families and local communities. We hope that through Pepper, our farmers and their families continue to benefit.

Our Kampot Pepper farms are

  • Inspected and certified organic by the independent certification body, ECO-CERT
  • Guaranteed to have Kampot Province origin and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status

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