Salted Kampot Pepper

Kampot Province in Cambodia offers perfect conditions for growing pepper. The flavor of Kampot pepper is enhanced by the quartz content of the soil in the foothills of the Elephant Mountains and is organically grown and harvested by hand.

The crispness of the corns and the intense explosion of fresh pepper flavor on the palate make Salted Kampot Pepper a unanimously unforgettable product among those who have had the chance to taste them.

Harvest & Preparation

Harvested before maturity, green peppercorns are threshed by hand and cured in Kampot sea salt to reinforce the flavor of fresh green pepper available only in Cambodia.

Our Kampot Pepper is certified organic by Ecocert and the processing of our Kampot Pepper complies with high standards of hygiene and food safety.


No need for a mill, Salted Kampot Pepper is ready to eat. They can be crunched as an aperitif, alone or in accompaniment of pasta with Alfredo sauce, steaks or salads. You can also sprinkle a few corns on your preparations, salads or oysters.

Traditional recipes in Kampot and Kep regions of Cambodia use fresh green pepper on fresh crab dishes or prawns fried with green pepper, as well as many salads and other local dishes

Once opened, you keep your Salted Kampot Pepper in a closed jar, protected from light and moisture, so that it retains all its flavor and aroma.

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