Black Kampot Pepper

The best pepper in the world. Green, unripe, peppercorns are harvested and sun-dried, transforming them into black Kampot peppercorns. Black Kampot pepper delivers intense heat balanced herbal aromas. Its potent heat and sweet flavors reveal resinous, eucalyptus and fresh mint notes. Freshly ground, black Kampot pepper is perfectly suited for grilled meats, fish, salads andContinue reading “Black Kampot Pepper”

Braised Pork Belly (Kaw Sach Chrouk)

An authentic and unforgettable, sweet and savory dish. Pork belly braised in a dark thin flavorful broth intensified with caramelized Thnot sugar, star anise, garlic and Kampot pepper alongside hard boiled eggs, roasted tofu and tender bamboo shoots. This is the dish that Khmer moms reward their children for a job well done.