Reasons to Cook with Kroeung Prawlak

Worldwide travelers enjoy the gifts of a variety of cultures and people. One of the best ways to experience these amazing cultures is through food, where a true culinary experience brings every sense to life with adventure.

Imagine fresh meat, marinated in an aromatic blend of spices and grilled to perfection over an open flame. There is sight, sound, smell, flavor, and feeling.

This immersive experience is what Angkor Kroeung Prawlak brings to your home.

Kroeung Prawlak is a delicious, vibrant, and versatile Cambodian barbecue marinade. With this ingredient in your kitchen, cooking is easy and your meals will taste rich with the authentic flavors of Cambodian street food.

Easy, All-in-one BBQ Marinade

Cooking delicious foods doesn’t need to be complicated. With our Kroeung Prawlak, any home chef can create an easy and delicious meal, side, or snack without the time consuming task of making Cambodian barbecue marinade from scratch.

For example, our Kroeung Prawlak is one of just a few simple ingredients you need to make aromatic and flavorful grilled skewers. Consider steak or chicken tossed in Kroeung Prawlak and grilled to perfection over an open flame.

Here is our simple recipe for Steak on a Stick, one of the most popular Cambodian appetizers. And our recipe for Cambodian BBQ Beef is also easy and flavorful, ready to be enjoyed.

Authentic Cambodian Street Food Flavor

While nothing can compare to visiting Cambodia and walking the streets while tasting new or familiar foods, our Cambodian barbecue marinade brings authentic flavors into your home.

The recipe for Angkor Kroeung Prawlak, which is based on the fragrance and vibrancy of lemongrass, has been developed specifically to honor and celebrate the flavors of traditional Cambodian street food.

Other ingredients and spices, like garlic and onion, add to the rich aroma, while turmeric, tamarind, and chile peppers help bring balance with earthiness, tang, and heat. Cane sugar adds a final sweetness and helps the marinade  develop a beautiful and delicious caramelization when grilled.

Made in the USA

Angkor Kroeung Prawlak brings the flavors of Cambodia to American soil, and it’s been made here as well. 

Healthy and conscientious consumers know that products made in the USA must follow guidelines and safety regulations, and that employees are protected from unfair labor practices. Purchasing a product made in the USA also helps the nation’s economy while decreasing pollution and carbon footprints worldwide.

That’s a lot of benefits to purchasing a product made on American soil, but with no compromise on a worldly flavor and culinary experience.

Quality Ingredients

Angkor Foods uses quality ingredients in our Kroeung Prawlak. We want our Kroeung Prawlak to taste delicious, so we don’t compromise on what we use to make it. The time we’ve put into developing our recipe is what makes it an easy, all-in-one marinade with authentic flavor.

There are also no long, complicated, and unidentifiable preservatives and additives in our Cambodian barbecue marinade, which means you’ll know exactly what you’re eating. 

Quality ingredients are what make Angkor Kroeung Prawlak look, taste, and smell amazing.

To learn more about Angkor Kroeung Prawlak, visit us at Angkor Chef.

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