Everything you need to know about Cambodian Chrouk Metae (Chili Paste)

Angkor Chrouk Metae

If you’re looking for a bold, rich addition to your cooking, consider Angkor Chrouk Metae, a Cambodian chili paste made from a family recipe, fused with flavor and the creator’s passion for sharing food.

Our Chrouk Matae boasts an authentic Cambodian flavor, adds to versatility in the kitchen, and has numerous health benefits. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Cambodian chili paste.

Authentic Cambodian Flavor

In Cambodian, Chrouk Metae means fermented chili. In traditional Cambodian cuisine, Chrouk Metae is usually served as a spicy condiment that enhances cooked meat and noodle dishes. 

The Angkor family recipe for our Cambodian Chrouk Metae, or chili paste, balances spiciness with the rich flavor of red chilis, making it a perfect accompaniment to traditional Cambodian food or fusion dishes. The Angkor family recipe used for our Chrouk Metae does not contain fish sauce, yet it still boasts the full-bodied umami flavor for which Cambodian cuisine is so well known.

Whether used as a side or in a dipping sauce, cooking with Angkor Chrouk Metae as an ingredient creates a rich, authentic Cambodian culinary experience.

Versatility in the Kitchen

Chrouk Metae chili paste uses simple ingredients to highlight the natural flavor of spicy chili. Though rich in spice, it is not overwhelmingly hot and has a clean aftertaste that lends itself to versatility in the kitchen. The full, red color adds a visual appeal and hints at the zesty flavor. 

The chili paste brings flavor and color to many home-cooked dishes; not just traditional Cambodian ones. It can spice up a classic macaroni and cheese dinner, or add Cambodian flair to an appetizer like deviled eggs

Angkor Chrouk Metae is also vegan, which sets it apart from many other chili pastes that contain fish sauce. Discerning chefs and home cooks can use our Chrouk Metae to appeal to many diets and preferences, lending to true variety and versatility. Vegans can try it as a condiment for roasted vegetables, or to spice up noodles or rice.

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Numerous Health Benefits

The ingredients in Angkor Chrouk Metae are clean and high quality. It does not contain any added oils, has no sulfites or other artificial preservatives, and has no added MSG. 

Our Chrouk Metae also has much less salt than other chili pastes, making it a compelling choice for people who are conscious of their sodium intake. Many condiments and sauces rely on salt for flavor, but our chili paste is a delicious addition to foods and can help you stay conscious of your health.

Red Thai Chilis

Spicy red chilis actually have many health benefits. The capsaicin in red chilis could help reduce headaches, clear sinuses, increase metabolism to help with weight loss, and fight inflammation in the body. They also contain Vitamin C, as well as Vitamins A, B, and E. 

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