Num Pang Sach Krawg Kroeung

Lemongrass Chicken Sausage accompanied by fresh crunchy green papaya salad in a freshly baked baguette – Available in the SF Bay Area on Shef and catering engagements. This sandwich is shows some French-influence in Cambodian cuisine. Num Pang (in Khmer) or Banh Mi (in Vietnamese) means French Bread or baguette. Sach Krawg Kroeung means LemongrassContinue reading “Num Pang Sach Krawg Kroeung”

Angkor Chef Makes The Mercury News

We are thrilled to see both Angkor Food and Angkor Chef mentioned in the article. You can tell that Linda Zavoral (the reporter) is very interested in Khmer cuisine and culture.