Natural Dried Fruit from Cambodia

Natural dried fruit from Cambodia is your perfect source of energy and essential nutrients!

  • Grown in the naturally rich soils of Cambodia
  • 100% fruit with NO added sugar
  • No added flavor or color
  • No Preservatives
Available in 3.5oz Pouches

Our dried fruit snacks, meticulously grown in Cambodia, are processed with care to meet the stringent standards required for successful international distribution. This achievement is realized through rigorous implementation of quality control procedures complying with international food safety standards including: HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018 and HALAL. Our foremost goal is to uphold unwavering quality across every stage, spanning from the point of receipt and processing to packaging and, ultimately, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Cultivated within the fertile soil of Cambodia’s Battambang province, our fruits thrive in an area celebrated for its bountiful agricultural resources, encompassing nutrient-rich soil, fruitful orchards, and thriving rice cultivation.

The journey from orchard to processing and packaging takes place entirely within Battambang, showcasing our commitment to supporting the local community.

Beyond upholding stringent quality standards, Fair Trade stands as a foundational pillar in global trade. Our in-country partner engages directly with local farmers, offering them fair and dependable prices in return for delivering quality fruits. This unwavering commitment enables the farmers to support their families, send their children to school, and at the same time, ensures a consistent and uninterrupted supply of fresh, high-quality fruit.

Significant Initiatives Led by Our Cambodian Partner:

  • Collaborating with USAID to fund a solar dryer project
  • Creating 60 permanent job opportunities for the local community and an additional 200 positions for seasonal workers/farmers
  • Promoting gender balance with 70% of the workforce being women
  • Establishing partnerships with 50 local community farmers, with a majority being women owned

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