Promotions and Special Offers

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  • Chrouk Metae Returns for the Holidays

    Customers have been asking, so we’re bringing back Chrouk Metae for the holiday season! The Angkor family recipe for Cambodian Chrouk Metae, or chili paste, balances spiciness with the rich flavor of red chili, making it a perfect accompaniment to traditional Cambodian food or fusion dishes. The Angkor Chrouk Metae boasts the full-bodied umami flavorContinue…

  • World’s Best Palm Sugar – Promotion

    Thnot sugar is made from the nectar of Thnot flowers. It has a delicate aroma and distinctive sweet flavor with caramel undertones. Thnot grows wild in Cambodia, dotting rice fields and towering proudly next to Angkor Wat, the world-renowned Khmer ancient temple. Learn more… Save $5 on your Thnot Sugar purchase!

  • Natural Dried Fruit Promotion

    Save $5 on your Natural Dried Fruit purchase of $30 or more.

  • INSTAGRAM Discount Offer

    Follow our Instagram page and receive $5 off your next order from or $10 off any order greater than $50!* How It Works Send email to including your Instagram username. We will verify your account and respond with a code that can be used at checkout. * Limit 1 use per customer. AnyContinue…

  • Makrut Lime Leaf Flakes

    Save $5 on your Makrut Lime Leaf Flakes purchase of $30 or more.