About Angkor Chef

Chef Channy Chhi Laux

Drawing from her upbringing in Cambodia along with her passion for cooking all types of food, Channy Chhi Laux created Angkor Chef and Angkor Cambodian Food. Her vision of sharing the traditional Cambodian recipes learned from her mother, who would make Cambodian dishes year-round and share with all her friends and family. Channy naturally carries on this tradition and greatly appreciates the precious gift from her mother: The Joy of Sharing Food.

Channy has taken her keen interest in food and cooking to another level by working to source hard-to-find ingredients and to continuously refine her recipes.  Every day she wakes with inspiration and pride in sharing Cambodian culture through food while showing off her mother’s recipes.

Channy was born in Cambodia and came to the USA as a refugee in 1979.  She received her formal training in mathematics and computer science from the University of Nebraska and Santa Clara University.  After 30 years of working in the aerospace and biotech industries, she walked away from the security of the corporate world to carry on her mother’s legacy of cooking and sharing food.

Channy is also the award-winning author of “Short Hair Detention”; a memoir of how she and her family survived the Cambodian genocide.